Skate Lesson

Please Note: Walk-ins will only be allowed into weekend group lessons if there is still space. To maintain quality and safety we limit the size of the group lessons and always maintain a 1 to 5 student to instructor ratio.


Our lessons are perfect for everyone from the beginner who has never stepped onto a board, to the intermediate skater needing help with flip tricks, to the adult who wants another way of getting around the city. Our instructors have years of experience teaching all age groups and skill levels, and our dynamic, step-by-step approach to teaching is guaranteed to be fun and productive. Our unique offering of indoor lessons in a dedicated Training Facility(TF) makes for a teaching program that is varied and individualized, and will prepare students for skating everything from cracks in the sidewalk to obstacles in skate parks. PLEASE NOTE: Skateboarding is a skill much like playing an instrument or a fine art: you will only improve after a lot of practice. While you will progress in your abilities solely from coming to lessons, you will learn much faster if you accompany lessons with practice outside of the lessons.

Training Facility:

The indoor training facility, at 615 Degraw Street, has a variety of stationary and movable ramps, making it suitable to all skill levels.

Lesson Options, Rates, Schedule:

We offer private and group lessons! Group Lessons are held every Saturday and Sunday typically from 10am – 3pm for beginners ages 5 and up, and cost $30. Private Lessons get booked around the group lesson time, or could take place during school hours, and are for all ages and skill levels. Private lessons are offered in 25 and 50 minute increments with rates starting at $45 for the first skater, and $30 for each additional skater (maximum of five). For more information, or questions about lesson configurations not included here (like say a 5 person private 2 hour lesson), please send an e-mail to info@homageskateboardacademy.com

Equipment Rental:

While we recommend that everyone who takes a lesson have their own equipment(so that they can practice, and always use equipment they are familiar with), we do offer board and pad rental.


What you need to learn

Beginners should have a helmet, pads, proper shoes, and a skateboard that has a wooden deck with a popsicle shape, grip tape, trucks with proper angles and bushings, and hard wheels with quality bearings.  Boards bought at department stores or toy stores are almost always made with parts that of a low enough quality that learning to skateboard is made much more difficult, if not impossible. You can buy quality parts, or complete pre-assembled skateboards, at Homage Skate Shop on 615 Degraw Street.


Book Upcoming Lessons:

Register for a group or private lesson via our new booking site by clicking on the link below! For private lessons, please be sure to e-mail the office at info@homageskateboardacademy.com to confirm our availability.


You can also check out our new weekend schedule by clicking here!


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